trailerclash 22: Some Assembly Required

After a mediocre week of previews the last time Barb was here, she’s back with a much stronger slate! Barb can barely contain her excitement over the sequel (sort of) to “Once,” and Roberto can barely keep it together as Marvel Studios brings all of their heroes into one big summer flick. And a lady sues a studio over a misleading trailer?!

Hosts: Roberto Suarez & Barbara Buckner Suarez
Announcer: Scott Fletcher
Theme Music: Goose
Closing Music: SurgicalGore

Woman sues producers of “Drive” over misleading trailer.

This Week’s Trailers
The Swell Season
The Other F Word
A Dangerous Method
The Avengers

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One Response to trailerclash 22: Some Assembly Required

  1. Whiile I didn’t like Drive, the idea of suing over a trailer is absurd. If she’s that concerned with knowing what to expect from a movie, then she should probably read (or listen to) some reviews before seeing it.
    All of this week’s movies look great, but there are a few in particular that I’m looking forward to.
    As a musician, Oka looks very interesting to me. It reminds me a little bit of Béla Fleck: Throw Down Your Heart, a documentary about a trip that Fleck took to Africa to study African music and the origins of the banjo.
    I’m also a former psych major, so I definitely want to see A Dangerous Method. Incidentally, if I remember correctly, Jung was Freud’s protege until he developed some theories that Freud disagreed with.
    Of course, I’m also very anxious to see The Avengers. The trailer looked a bit too Michael Bay for my tastes, but I’ve loved almost all of the previous Avengers movies (The Hulk being the only exception) and I have faith in Joss Whedon so I’m sure it will be great.
    Love the show.

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