trailerclash 59: Poster Children

Summer days bring plate-fulls of trailers hot off the grill! Dominic Monaghan is lost in a post-apocalyptic trap, Creepshow goes shaky-cam, Nacho Libre gets remade with Kevin James, an indie sci-fi flick comes out of nowhere, and a documentary pays tribute to an iconic artist. All that, plus a heaping spoonful of upcoming trailer news and a TakeTwo!

Hosts: Roberto Suarez & John Whitford
Announcer: Scott Fletcher
Theme Music: Goose
Closing Music: ssschafi1

Rise of the Guardians

This Week’s Trailers
The Day
Here Comes The Boom
The Prototype
Drew: The Man Behind the Poster

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One Response to trailerclash 59: Poster Children

  1. I didn’t know Drew Struzan’s name before seeing the trailer for Drew: The Man Behind the Poster, but as soon as I saw his work, not only did I immediately recognize it, but I had a surprisingly emotional reaction. His posters were a massive part of my childhood and I can’t wait to see the movie. Also, I completely agree with Roberto about ROTJ.
    By the way, thanks for mentioning William Joyce. I hadn’t heard of him before, but based on Roberto’s recommendation (and because I like both trailers for Rise of the Guardians) I decided to look him up on and found the first two Guardians books (Santa Claus and The Easter Bunny). I really liked the samples so I added them to my wish list.

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