trailerclash 76: Tom-E

OblivionIs it summer already? It sure feels like it with all the blockbuster trailers we have this week! Tom Cruise plays Wall-E, M. Night Shyamalan crashes Will Smith’s spaceship, and Guillermo del Toro unleashes giant monsters and robots. Plus second takes on Man of Steel and The Lone Ranger, and an indy sci-fi teaser!

Hosts: Roberto Suarez & Barb Buckner Suarez
Announcer: Scott Fletcher
Theme Music: Goose
Closing Music: robert_o

Man of Steel
The Lone Ranger

This Week’s Trailers
After Earth
Pacific Rim

Don’t Tease Me, Bro!
Upstream Color

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One Response to trailerclash 76: Tom-E

  1. I’m really looking forward to Pacific Rim. The trailer looks great and I can’t resist a good (or amusingly bad) giant monster movie. However, I’m not sure if I like the use of the GLaDOS voice. I love the Portal games and I can appreciate it from a fan service perspective, but it kind of makes it feel like the it takes place in the Portal universe. That having been said, I’m sure the movie will be a blast.
    Love the show

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