trailerclash 84: In 2-D!

From Up on Poppy HillIn defense of old-school animation, Snow White: Bullfighter, Danny Boyle channels Cronenberg, how a Wall Street executive became a radical, and the hopes and dreams of reality TV.

Hosts: Roberto Suarez & Barb Buckner Suarez
Announcer: Scott Fletcher
Theme Music: Goose
Closing Music: neku sakuraba

This Week’s Trailers
From Up On Poppy Hill
Trance (Red Band)
The Reluctant Fundamentalist

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3 Responses to trailerclash 84: In 2-D!

  1. I’m really looking forward to seeing From Up On Poppy Hill, particularly because it was directed by Miyazaki’s son. I’m very curious to see how his work compares to his father’s. I also find the art style to be very interesting. It’s close to the traditional Studio Ghibli style, but has more of a 60s/70s anime look, similar to shows like Speed Racer, Lupin II & Star Blazers.

    • Roberto says:

      Miyazaki’s son has already directed another film for Studio Ghibli titled “Tales From Earthsea” based on the Ursula K. LeGuin series of books. I haven’t seen it but would like to prior to seeing “Poppy Hill.” I believe it is available on Netflix streaming.

  2. Thanks for the info, Roberto. Unfortunately, it’s no longer on Netflix streaming and I couldn’t find it on Amazon VOD. I did find the trailer on Youtube and it looks great and, just like Poppy Hill, the character design has a definite 60’s feel to it.

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