trailerclash 89: The Next Generation

trailerclash 89: The Next GenerationRoberto’s daughter Elisa chimes in with her thoughts on the trailer for the next Percy Jackson adventure! Plus a double-dose of Mark Whalberg, Jason Statham stretches his acting chops, Ethan Hawke tries to stay safe at home, and a mesmerizing trailer from the folks that brought us Drive.

Hosts: Roberto Suarez & John Whitford
Announcer: Scott Fletcher
Theme Music: Goose
Closing Music: robert_o

Take Two!
Pain and Gain (Red Band)

This Week’s Trailers
Only God Forgives
The Purge
2 Guns
Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters

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One Response to trailerclash 89: The Next Generation

  1. The new trailer for Pain and Gain changed my mind about it as well. Given the combination of The Rock, Marky Mark & Bay, saying that I initially had less than no interest in the movie would be a massive understatement, but I have to admit that the new trailer does look pretty good. I tend to like Wahlberg in comedic roles and I didn’t hate Bad Boys, so I’ll probably see it when it gets to VOD or Netflix.
    Also, congratulations to John and his family on the new arrival. 🙂

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