trailerclash 114: Shia LeBuff

trailerclash 114: Shia LeBuffPenélope Cruz looks amazing, Lars Von Trier goes to the dark side of sex, Nick Frost thaws out with salsa, The Muppets go on another caper, and a young boy finds the highway to heaven. Plus a second look at Miyazaki’s swan song, a horrific holiday ClashBack, and some exciting podcast news!

Hosts: Roberto Suarez & Barb Buckner Suarez
Announcer: Scott Fletcher
Closing Music: 8BitUzz

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The Wind Rises

This Week’s Trailers
Twice Born
Cuban Fury
Muppets Most Wanted (US, UK)
Heaven Is For Real

Thanksgiving (2007)

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One Response to trailerclash 114: Shia LeBuff

  1. Congrats on joining Photon City News.
    Studio Ghibli will definitely be continuing after Miyazaki’s retirement. Not only does his son Goro have a fim in pre-production called Hôjôkishiki, but SG co-founder Isao Takahata, writer/director of the great Grave of the Fireflies, has a new film on the way called The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter (aka The Tale of Princess Kaguya) which looks really interesting.

    Also, with regard to Nymphomaniac, while the sex scenes will be real, they won’t be performed by the credited cast. Adult film performers will be having the actual sex and then their bits will be composited onto the bodies of the credited cast.

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